What’s Bruin Show – Episode 77 – Go UCLA Bruins! Beat Cal With IMPUNITY!


In Episode 77 of the What’s Bruin Show, we try to forget the Stanford debacle and move ahead to look at the Big Brother game between the UCLA Bruins and the California Golden Bears.

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In this latest episode, hosts Jake Merrifield and I welcome LA Sports Hub writer Jamaal Artis to fill in for Bill Shirley. And why not?

Artis is not only a big college football fan but a Cal graduate. Perfect for the is particular episode as we preview the Thursday night game between the UCLA Bruins and the Cal Golden Bears.

Even though we already covered the Stanford game in What’s Bruin 2 last week, we briefly recap what went wrong and what the Bruins have to do going forward.

We also introduce a new segment where we analyze the Pac-12 landscape to see what teams need to win and lose to help the UCLA Bruins in their quest for the South Division.

We then get into the Game That Will Be as we look at how the Bruins and Bears match-up for another Thursday night game. Can Jared Goff and his “Bear Raid” fly over the Bruins or will Josh Rosen and Paul Perkins lead UCLA to a much needed victory after two straight losses?

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All of this and more in Episode 77 of the podcast you all know and love, the

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