What’s Bruin 2 – The Game Review: UCLA vs Stanford, The Angry Podcast


In this episode of What’s Bruin 2, we get angry at UCLA Football and their inability to come prepared against Stanford. The Bruins lost, 56-35, but whatever.

In this episode of What’s Bruin 2 – The Game Review, we talk (angrily) about The Game That Was: UCLA Vs Stanford.

Though many Bruins had optimism for this contest, this once again turned out to be exactly what we expected it to be. (And we let ’em off the hook! HA! Hehehehe. I’m sad now.)

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This game against Stanford was suppose to be different this season for UCLA, but once again they proved that the power team that Stanford is will blow right past them. How? Why? We may never know.

Actually we do know. It is the little things like having a weak run defense, bad offensive play calling, questionable special teams and much, much more. There is so much more.

In this episode, we welcome Go Joe Bruin writer Michael Hanna to join Jake Merrifield and myself and get some stuff off of our chests in this “Angry Podcast”. It is angry, but in the end it is quite constructive. Enjoy.

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What’s Bruin 2 – The Game Review.

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