What’s Bruin Show (216) – UCLA Football recruiting narrative flip and USWNT

What's Bruin Show image by Mike Regalado
What's Bruin Show image by Mike Regalado /

In episode 216 of the ‘What’s Bruin Show,’ we talk about UCLA soccer and Bruins in the World Cup as well as chat about UCLA football’s recruiting efforts as of late.

In this episode, I fly solo as I host this week’s episode alone. But fear not, I have two guests that helped me carry the show as we talk about UCLA soccer and UCLA football, especially in regards to recruiting.

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I start the show off as I chat with Anish V., sports coordinator at UCLARadio.com. He joins me for a conversation about soccer, especially in regards to UCLA soccer and the United State Women’s National Team in the World Cup.

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Anish details which Bruins are participating in the World Cup including those that were a part of the Canadian, Australian and New Zealand national teams. He then gives us the lowdown on which Bruins have been a force for the USWNT and gives his take on how the national team is doing in the World Cup.

We then shift the conversation back to Westwood as we dive into a preview for both the women’s and men’s UCLA soccer teams. The women’s team has been fantastic under head coach Amanda Cromwell but what will they do in 2019? The men’s team is in transition after the exit a former coach Jorge Salcedo, but have big expectations under new coach Ryan Jordan? Anish gives his take on both situations.

I then chat with Michael Hanna of the UCLA B Team podcast as we discuss UCLA football recruiting. We actually recorded the interview earlier in the week, but technical difficulties caused that conversation to be deleted. That was actually a good thing considering how we talked about the UCLA football coaching staff struggling in recruiting and how it has affected branding.

Well, what a difference three days make as the Bruins were able to get commitments from two very talented prospects, RB Nathaniel Jones and WR Matt Sykes. With UCLA being able to land two top prospects, it changes the narrative about Chip Kelly’s recruiting style.

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