What’s Bruin Show (214) – UCLA Football offseason emotions

What's Bruin Show image by Mike Regalado
What's Bruin Show image by Mike Regalado /

In episode 214 of the ‘What’s Bruin Show,’ we take a look at several minor tidbits surrounding the UCLA football team, and the perception fans have of them.

In this latest episode, Bill Shirley, Jake Merrifield and I don’t have a lot to report on, but several things occurred in the Twitterverse that are UCLA football-centric.

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Before we dive into football, we take a look at a few things surrounding the rest of the UCLA Athletic Department. As you know, the UCLA softball team won the national championship, and Rachel Garcia is winning all the postseason awards, but things are different for the UCLA baseball team.

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After a memorable regular season and a historic MLB Draft that saw 13 Bruins get selected, UCLA was stopped short in the postseason as they lost two games in the best-of-three series against Michigan. Though the pitching was still there (bless your heart, Ryan Garcia), the bats could not get into post-season mode which ultimately became their downfall.

We then move onto some football as we briefly discuss S&P+ rankings. Bill Connelly recently came out with his numbers for the Bruins, and we discuss why they don’t tell the whole story, especially compared to betting sites whose projections counter some of the analytics and why the human element is essential to season forecasts.

With the addition of Colson Yankoff, the football team will have a lot of depth for the next five years. We look at what they will have at their disposal, especially in 2020.

And if you didn’t know, there was also a small skirmish on Twitter between former Bruins which centered around the discussion of concussions and how they were treated under Chip Kelly. We follow that up with a chat about our mild clash on social media as we defend our eternal optimism.

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