UCLA Football: You Think This Is Over? It Is Just Beginning!


Six games in. Two consecutive losses. A massive amount of injuries. A drop from the rankings, still… It is far from over for UCLA Football.

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We are at the halfway mark of the regular season and UCLA football is 4-2 overall and 1-2 in conference. They just lost to Arizona State and Stanford in consecutive games, with the latter being another brutal beat down by the rivals from the north. But UCLA Football is far from done.

You think this is over? It is just beginning.

Every week is going to be a battle in the Pac-12 Conference which means that despite the fact that UCLA is on a two-game losing streak, there is still a hell of a lot of football to be played.

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Though it may feel that all is lost for the Bruins, we really cannot tell what is going to happen every week. Sure it is a bit of a shocker that Utah is the #3 team in the nation as very few people choose them to win the Pac-12 South, but that could change in a heartbeat.

This is far from over.

Sure Stanford had bounced back from their game one loss, but they are riding high as kings of the North Division right now, especially with Oregon hitting several bumps in their road. And what about Cal? They are a team that nobody picked to be in the running for the North Division but are clearly the second best team up there.

And that is UCLA’s next opponent, Cal. Every week gets more and more interesting. You think this is over? It’s just beginning.

Though UCLA football just sustained a brutal loss to Stanford which was one of the most painful things we have seen in the Jim Mora era, in essence, it could be one of the best things for UCLA football right.

Damn right! They got their butts whipped! So do you think these Bruins are just gonna lie down now that they are one a two-game losing streak? Think again.

The Bruins may currently be on the bottom half of the South Division but there are six more games to be played and even though UCLA has been decimated with injuries, the will of this team is not been broken.

So how do you like that? It is not over. It just got interesting.

So this Thursday it starts up again. It is a chance for the Bruins to right the ship and start to do some damage. If they do not, the season will be over, but they cannot have this mentality. The question is if Head Coach Jim Mora will have this team mentally prepared for what lies ahead. Let us hope so.

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