What’s Bruin Show – Episode 75 – UCLA Gets Sun (Devil) Burned


In Episode 75 of the What’s Bruin Show, we examine the epic fail that was as UCLA lost at home to Arizona State, 38-23. We dissect this entire game from play-calling to execution, so strap-in!

In this latest episode, hosts Bill Shirley, Jake Merrifield and I get to talking (a lot) about the Bruins not showing up in The Game That Was.

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Arizona State defeated UCLA at the Rose Bowl for the second consecutive time in what was simply a dominating display of football by the Sun Devils. The Bruins did not help their efforts as their horrible offensive line play lead to a whole mess of problems for the Bruins.

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Josh Rosen could not execute because of it, Paul Perkins could not do what he normally does, which leads us to the play-calling, and what might need to change.

Then we talk about the defense whom we are not collectively as down on as the offense, but there were some flaws. Still, when you are out there twice as long as the offense, one starts to ger tired.

Still, the overall theme is that something has to improve and we believe we know what it is! Listen now to find out!

All of this and more in Episode 75 of the podcast you all know and love, the

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