5 Themes for the First 5 Weeks of UCLA Football

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Here are five themes that are characterizing the UCLA Football team after the first five weeks in which the Bruins are 4-1 and ranked #20 in the country.

Five weeks into the season, the UCLA Football team has already shown us a lot that we can applaud, but they have also shown that they have a lot to work on this season.

Now starting 4-1 is not bad, especially the way they they played against Virginia and Arizona and how they persevered against BYU, but they need to tighten some screws going forward if they want to maximize their potential.

Saturday, things got a bit interesting as the Arizona State Sun Devils exposed the Bruins, picking them apart for three quarters. Though the UCLA Football team was able to mount a comeback late in the game, enough damage had been done in the first three quarters to hold off a miraculous Bruin win.

Still, there were several things that were working and several that were not and with a week and a half until the next game, UCLA Football has to collectively figure out any and all issues, especially with the disciplined stalwart Stanford Cardinal waiting for a chance to beat the Bruins for an eighth time in a row.

For now, here are five themes of 2015.

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