5 Themes for the First 5 Weeks of UCLA Football

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The Defense Is Not As Good As Expected Due To Injuries

This just might be the harshest reality UCLA will have to bear this season. What was expected to be a highly touted defense, and actually was in the first four weeks,  is starting to become a memory as the Bruin defense has been decimated with injuries.

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The Bruins have not seen anything like this before. To have three key players out with season-ending injuries is leaving the Bruins a little bit spent despite having a deep and talented roster.

Now make no mistake, these younger Bruins are going to be a factor in the future, but it is a big deal to ask less experienced players to do what Eddie Vanderdoes, Fabian Moreau and Myles Jack do.

On top of that, that UCLA defense is doing everything they can to keep their team in the game. The ASU game was not the only one where the Bruin defense was on the field twice as long as the offense. Having an offense go three and out on consecutive plays is not only bad for them, but it means the defense cannot rest. UCLA has to find a way to spread the wealth in time of possession so one part of the team does not get drained..

Little things like that will give the Bruins several advantages throughout the game.

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