UCLA Football in the NFL Draft: First round projections for Rosen, Miller

PASADENA, CA - NOVEMBER 11: Kolton Miller
PASADENA, CA - NOVEMBER 11: Kolton Miller /

Go Joe Bruin takes a look at a few mock NFL Draft projections for UCLA football’s Josh Rosen and Kolton Miller, both of who are projected to be taken in the first round.

The NFL Draft is fast approaching and there is a lot of uncertainty about where two former UCLA football players, QB Josh Rosen and OT Kolton Miller, will be selected (though it is presumed both will be selected in the first round).

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Okay, truth be told, there is uncertainty about where Rosen is going. Miller seems to have his future decided (if you go by the majority of mock drafts). Rosen will most likely go anywhere between the #1 overall selection and #5 in the 2018 NFL Draft, but there are still a lot of unknowns with teams picking in the Top 5.

Either way, Rosen will go early in the draft (remember when a certain “scout” said Rosen would not be picked in the first round, I guess I won that argument, but I digress) and Miller should have his name called before Round 1 ends. Here is a look at what a few expert sites are predicting:

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CBS Sports

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  • Josh Rosen – Pick #2, New York Giants
  • Kolton Miller – Pick #31, New England Patriots

NFL.com (latest)

  • Josh Rosen – Pick #5, Denver Broncos
  • Kolton Miller – Pick #23, New England Patriots

Yahoo! Sports

  • Josh Rosen – Pick #3, New York Jets
  • Kolton Miller – Pick #31, New England Patriots


  • Josh Rosen – Pick #3, New York Jets

SEC Country

  • Josh Rosen – Pick #3, New York Jets
  • Kolton Miller – Pick #23, New England Patriots

With Rosen, you might as well pick an NFL team name out of a hat, but as stated before, he is going early no matter what. But there are several things to consider: Which team wants the best QB in the draft to lead their team into the future? Will there be any other teams trading up to try and land Rosen? Which team makes the not so smart decision to select someone other than Rosen? (Seriously, I still can’t believe teams are actually thinking of passing on the former Bruin.)

As for Miller, it seems pretty clear where he will go, or more likely, what team really wants him on their roster. Miller had a fabulous combine and really turned heads. With New England in the market for an offensive lineman, Miller appears to be the guy for the Patriots.

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The NFL Draft begins Thursday, April 25 and goes until Saturday, April 27. Round 1 will be Thursday, rounds 2-3 on Friday and rounds 4-7 on Saturday.