UCLA Football: If you’re going to Arizona don’t forget the ales

TUCSON, AZ - SEPTEMBER 26: Quarterback Josh Rosen
TUCSON, AZ - SEPTEMBER 26: Quarterback Josh Rosen /

Another PAC-12 opponent calls for another dive into some delicious craft beers you should enjoy when UCLA Football team takes on the Arizona Wildcats on Saturday. Check out our recommended list below.

We all know how hot the desert can be. If you’re reading this in Southern California, and the numbers back it up, then you’re aware at how incredibly hot the weather can be in the desert that is SoCal. Now imagine that but in the scalding heat that is Arizona. That’s what awaits the UCLA Football team on Saturday.

Lucky for us fans we can always turn to a few cool beverages to make sure we stay comfortable. Arizona isn’t typically thought of as a major craft beer state but make no mistake there are plenty of gems to be had.

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UCLA Football QB Josh Rosen knows how to play it cool. He’s exceptionally cool against the Arizona Wildcat defense. He’s even used his legs to score on two separate occasions when in the desert. You couldn’t call him Mr. Vick just yet but what about Mr. Cool? This first beer knows all about being a mister.

SanTan Brewing company in Chandler Arizona knows how to brew a beer that can help you cool off. Mr. Pineapple their pineapple wheat ale is refreshing wheat ale with a really subtle pineapple finish that makes you remember crushing those little 8oz cans of Dole Pineapple Juice as a kid. If you’re heading out to the game make sure to pick up a six pack of these refreshing cans and get them chilled for your tailgate party.

Sometimes you just have to wonder, how did he do that?

Speaking of wheat ales, if you’re looking for something to really different make sure you check out Sonoran Brewing’s White Chocolate Ale. Yes I really did just type that. A light wheat ale, this beer is unassuming on first glance but a give it a nose and you’ll smell chocolate. From a beer this light? Then taste. The finish is full of white chocolate notes that aren’t cloyingly sweet but give you exactly what was promised instead of feeling like you’ve been led into a syrupy grave. You’ll be a little hard pressed to find this one locally so maybe wait until you’ve crossed state borders to do any searching.

This UCLA Football team is much bigger than the Arizona defensive line. How much bigger you might wonder. Well the Bruins have, on average, about 55 pounds on the Arizona DL. You want to have a strong night you might consider running right at this undersized front. If those lighter beers aren’t exactly your go to then perhaps something with a little more heft. Four Peaks Brewing’s Kilt Lifter is a Scottish ale that will fill your mouth with the taste of Fall. Caramel malts give this beer a heavier mouth feel but not one that will fatigue your palate like you just went four quarters with a huge offensive lineman.

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Look for the Bruins to come out firing on all cylinders offensively on Saturday as they turn to their best weapon against the Wildcats, QB Josh Rosen. He’s been Arizona’s kryptonite and you can’t expect the Bruins to turn away from him after he’s proven a winner against this PAC-12 foe. Arizona will turn to their elusive QB Khalil Tate to try and gash the Bruins over and over. Just know that if you get gassed watching this team, there’s plenty of local beers to quench your thirst. Just try to avoid the guy who outweighs you by 55 pounds. We don’t need a repeat of the game in the local brewery.