Where Does UCLA Football Fit in the New Football Mecca, Los Angeles?


Los Angeles is now THE place for football, but with a lot of recent attention to the teams of the city, where does the UCLA Football team fit in?

Los Angeles, the new Mecca for football. Though the UCLA Football team (and that school from across town) have occupied the attention of LA gridiron fans for more than two decades, things are changing in a big way.

2016 saw the return of the NFL to Los Angeles as the Rams relocated from St. Louis, bringing a certain fervor and level of excitement back to the City of Angels.

Unfortunately, the Rams welcome was quickly worn out with a 4-12 record and the termination of Head Coach Jeff Fisher.

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Last year also saw “the return” of USC Football after an incredible run which was topped off by a win over Penn State in a Rose Bowl Game for the ages (I wonder if the Trojans will also return to paying players? (yeah, I went there)).

Los Angeles also got another large entity this week as Dean Spanos, owner of the San Diego Chargers, made it public that he is moving his team north and becoming the Los Angeles Chargers, logo controversy and all.

And even though the Oakland Raiders might move to Las Vegas, their popularity in Los Angeles has not faded and should become even stronger with the SIlver and Black visiting the Chargers once a season.

So with two new teams in the area, where does UCLA Football fit in?

I hate to say it, but the Bruins could have had a strangle hold on the popularity of the city. Unfortunately after four seasons with 8 or more wins, the Bruins took a 4-8 nose dive in 2016. And now UCLA, and USC, have to compete with the NFL. Not the best time to fade as these other football teams are stepping into the spotlight.

NCAA Football: Southern California at UCLA
NCAA Football: Southern California at UCLA /

Last season was a disappointment, but it wasn’t the apocalypse.

UCLA Football Head Coach Jim Mora made changes to his staff to move away from an offense that wasn’t working. Out went Kennedy Polamalu and in came an up-and-coming offensive mind from Michigan, Jedd Fisch.

Though we have to wait and see exactly what Fisch can do for the offense, there is some promise with QB Josh Rosen returning for his junior season, a five-deep rotation of talented running backs looking to improve the run game and some talented youth in the receiving corps.

The Bruins already have a fantastic defense that should get even better with the plethora of recruits coming in 2017, so if the Bruins can get their offense in order, things should start looking up for UCLA.

Right now the Bruins are not a popular pick in LA (losing does that for you), and now they have to go up against two NFL teams as well as their archrival. But if the Bruins get things in order by next fall, UCLA could in fact be the most popular team in Los Angeles. Stop laughing.

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Until then, feel free to spread out Bruins fans because there is plenty of room on this bandwagon.