UCLA Football: The “Jim Mora To The NFL” Talk Is Starting Up Again


The UCLA Football season is over, which means it is once again time for the “Jim Mora To The NFL” talk to commence and one in particular has him lined to the “NFL To LA” campaign.

It happens ever year around this time. The rumors, opinions and perspectives on UCLA Football Head Coach Jim Mora and what he will do this off-season.

Is Mora going back to the NFL or is he staying in Westwood (followed by a conference adamantly confirming that he is dedicated to UCLA)? So far, he is 3-0 on the “dedicated to UCLA” ideology, so that should help out those that still think he could jump back to the NFL.

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Still, it is possible. With the success that Mora has brought to UCLA, he is going to be looked at for many positions, both in the NFL and college ranks, though as Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports puts it, he is most likely a “dark horse” selection for the pros.

Realistically, Mora had a down year with the Bruins, which will not highlights his coaching abilities as much as the last three UCLA Football seasons did, but he does have NFL experience which is like catnip to some NFL teams.

The interesting thing that La Canfora got into was regarding the NFL’s return to Los Angeles (where Mora is very comfortable living and working, by the way) and though a lot of things have to line up, if the San Diego Chargers fire their head coach Mike McCoy and the franchise gets to move to L.A.,  then…

"Mora could be even more attractive to them, and league sources believe that it is precisely the kind of job — with franchise quarterback Philip Rivers in place and the team in need of a defensive overhaul — that would appeal to Mora."

If this is a dark horse situation for Mora and the Chargers, then it is probably best that Mora stays in Westwood, especially since he is no where near getting fired. He also spent a lot of money on the Wasserman Football Center and will have an outdoor terrace named after him and his wife, Shannon Mora, so there is that too.

Despite season ending losses to USC and then Nebraska in the Foster Farms Bowl, this was still a winning season in one of the best four-year stretches in UCLA Football.

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Despite setbacks throughout the year, Mora will have an experienced second-year QB in Josh Rosen, a lot of young talent on defense and a solid recruiting class coming in. But with that, it is also time for Mora to step up his game and get a conference championship.