UCLA To Wear Their “City” Alternate Uniforms October 22 Vs Cal


The UCLA Football team is calling for a BLACKOUT as they announced today that they will be wearing their 2015 alternate uniforms for the October 22 game against Cal.

It is official, the Bruin’s all-black alternate uniforms will be worn in a late-October game against the California Golden Bears. This year, UCLA will be wearing their “City” alternates which is similar in design to their regular uniforms for this season.

Swag Alert, indeed!

This season, the alternate uniforms got a bit of push back from some (specifically a blog) that claimed that the new alternates were not very fetching. We did a recent poll about the alts and the results were loud and clear. 72% of the total voters like what Adidas has to offer this season.

Now as far as the “Blackout” goes, it is yet to be seen if this is in reference to the uniform itself or if UCLA is actually trying to plan a blackout for the Rose Bowl.

If that is the case, it will be interesting to see how UCLA pulls it off as the game against Cal is on  Thursday night, which the biggest concern here is attendance. This will be the second consecutive Thursday night game after the Bruins visit Stanford.

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