Who Is The Second Best UCLA Basketball Coach Ever?


We all know that John R. Wooden is the greatest coach in UCLA Basketball history, so who is the second greatest? YOU DECIDE, AMERICA!

As I was strolling down Bruin Walk on the campus of UCLA, as I regularly do, I came upon the statue of a man that embodies greatness and a winning tradition… (everybody, sing if you know the words) John R. Wooden, the greatest UCLA Basketball coach.

Possibly the greatest in the world.

Yes, the man, the legend, the statue, was standing right over me with the world famous Pauley Pavilion in the background. I tell you, I got a little emotional. You see, Pauley Pavilion will open its doors to the public at the end of the month as UCLA Basketball team begins their preseason with an exhibition against Cal State Los Angeles.

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That is right, Bruin hoops returns! …and Go Joe Bruin will have plenty of information for you in the coming weeks…

…But quickly going back to that moment in front of Coach Wooden’s statue, I began to think about all the success the Bruins have had with other head coaches since. None nearly as successful as JRW, but successful none the less.

UCLA Bruins
UCLA Bruins /

UCLA Bruins

That lead me to think, who exactly, is the next best coach in UCLA Basketball history? Then I thought I would write about it, asking you the reader! I did a poll not too long ago asking “who was the greatest UCLA Football coach?“, so why not ask that of UCLA Basketball?

Although in basketball, we already know who the best coach is, which led to the idea of asking who the second best UCLA Basketball coach is?

Can Jim Harrick claim that title, since he was the only other coach to win a title? Is it Ben Howland with his hard-nosed defense that took the Bruins to three straight Final Fours (the first time a Bruin coach has down that since Wooden)? What about Walt HazzardSteve Lavin or Larry Farmer? Can I even get a vote for Wooden’s successor Gene Bartow?

So who exactly is the next best UCLA Basketball coach after the great John R. Wooden? YOU DECIDE, AMERICA!

Choose up to five selections in our poll. If there is just one coach that has your vote, so be it. If three are tied for your love, show it! You just can’t pick one? Pick five! JUST VOTE NOW!

NOTE: For posterity, every UCLA Basketball coach was added to this list, mainly to see how the rest of the field looks.

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