UCLA Football: Who Is The Greatest Bruin Coach Of All-Time?

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UCLA football has had some success lately under the tutelage of head coach Jim Mora and by success, we mean he has completely turned around a program that was an afterthought in the Pac-12 conference in the decade before his arrival. What he has done in the last three years is commendable but he looks like he has a chance to do more in the future. He is definitely garnering some attention, but will he ever be great?

That is yet to be seen in Mora’s case, though he does have a strong argument for himself in his first three seasons. Mora has turned the Bruins into a national contender and looks to keep it that way, so if he stays on this path, being labeled as “great” will come sooner than later.

But could he be the best of all time? And if so, is Mora currently in the race as the best coach in UCLA history? Both are quite possible, but he has to prove some things first.

Like former coach, Henry Russell Sanders, aka “Red Sanders” who was the architect of the only National Championship in UCLA history.

Or maybe it was Terry Donahue who has the record for most victories for a Bruin head coach with 151 and the record for most conference championships with five.

Or how about William H. Spaulding who use to own the title of “winningest coach in UCLA history” with 72 victories. That was before Donahue came along.

Would Bob Toledo been thrown into the mix? He was the last Bruin coach to win a conference title.

There are any number of reasons a UCLA coach can be labelled great, but which one is the greatest? It is time for you to choose Bruin fans! Choose one or choose up to five if you cannot decide. Just choose!

NOTE: Not every coach in UCLA football history was on this list.