What’s Bruin 2 – The Game Review… The Revenge Of Sparky! UCLA Football Loses To ASU


In this episode of What’s Bruin 2 – The Game Review, we take a look at UCLA Football and their side swiping loss to Arizona State.

Did you feel it? It is the collective dropping of jaws hitting the ground from the Bruin Faithful. Why? Because UCLA Football just lost to a team that had trouble against Cal Poly, of all teams. The Bruins just lost to a team that just lost to USC, 42-14. UCLA just lost.

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Really, that should be enough for concern.

The Bruins were absolutely devastated in this game as the Sun Devils found a way to pound and grind through the UCLA offense and defense for the first Bruin loss of the season.

This was no last minute win either. This was an entire game of ASU dominating the Bruins. UCLA Football managed to get back in the game in the fourth quarter, but by then it was too late.

So what went wrong? Listen to the latest episode of What’s Bruin 2 – The Game Review as we get into the face plant that was Arizona State vs UCLA Football.

All of this and more in

What’s Bruin 2 – The Game Review.

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