UCLA Lost to Arizona State and It Is Your Fault, America!


The UCLA Football team lost to Arizona State and I completely blame you, America. Find out why…

UCLA lost and it is your fault, America! Okay, not all of you, but most of you, especially the American college football analysts. It is your fault for choosing UCLA. It is your fault for jumping on the bandwagon. It is your fault for not allowing UCLA to fly under the radar.

In no way was this the offensive line’s fault. This was not even close to being the fault of the receivers who dropped so many balls. This was not even Josh Rosen’s fault for throwing errant balls across his chest. And by no means was this the rush defense’s fault for not stopping the 192 yards of pain by ASU. It was not even the running game’s fault for only gaining 62 yards on the ground.

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Oh no, not them. It is your fault, America! You built them up and now they have been knocked down. Thanks a lot.

Because of your blatant disregard for bandwagoning, the Bruins could not get anything going in the first half. It took seven drives before they could score and in those first six, they had four 3-and-outs and one safety against.

In the second half, which I was hoping the Bruins would make improvements in, they continued to allow ASU to do what they did in the first half on offense and defense. Thanks a lot, America.

It was not until the fourth quarter that the Bruins started to make a move in this game. Though I do have to admit Thomas Duarte was a factor all game with 2 touchdowns and 101 yards on six receptions. But the rest of the game was your fault. Thanks a ton Kirk Herbstreit! Thanks ESPN!


UCLA looks a “pretender”

and will probably drop ten spots in the AP Poll, all because of your expectations. Thanks, America. And now I feel like this…

Okay, not that bad, but that is how I felt for a good hour after the game. It is one loss, but the thing that hurts about the most about this game is that the fact that the next one is against Stanford. This is a game that the majority of the Go Joe Bruin staff has marked as an “L” since the schedule came out.

UCLA has not beaten Stanford in seven attempts. Now I will not put that on you, America, but I does not help that you set us up for this. Thanks.

Anyway, expect the next week at Go Joe Bruin to be a lot of analysis about what needs to happen before that Thursday night meeting up in the Bay Area.

From now on, America, just let us fly under the radar, okaaaaaaaay? Thnaks!

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