The Go Joe Bruin Pac-12 Football Poll – We Predict The Conference Outcome!


The writers of Go Joe Bruin came together to collectively predict the standings of Pac-12 Football.

If you could not tell, we cannot wait for the start of college football, especially with UCLA Football and the Pac-12 prepared to get things going in less than a week.

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That is why we have come together here at Go Joe Bruin to have a collective poll to decide the fate of Pac-12 Football.

Looking at the North and South Division from top to bottom, we have given our best guesses at to what the landscape of Pac-12 Football will look like.

But that is not all! Additionally, we invite you, the reader, to participate in our fan poll at the bottom of this article so that we can get a perspective on what the general population feels.

So to start, here is the official Go Joe Bruin Pac-12 Poll:

*First place votes in parenthesis ( ).

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These results were taken and averaged from our authors. Below are the individual results of each of the seven Go Joe Bruin writers. Jake Merrifield, Nathan E., Matt Wagner, Ryan Tabb, Michael Hanna, Jake Liker and me, Mike W.R.

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Some interesting takes on the individual polls are very telling. Aside from the “homer” perspective, several of us genuinely feel that the Bruins will win the South. Ryan and Jake L. have ASU taking the Division, which is not shocking, but it is telling of which Arizona team ail come out on top.

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  • Though Arizona won the Division last season and many of us believe that they are still improving, it seems that the Wildcats are not completely to be trusted, at least from an early outlook.

    Surprisingly, Utah makes a strong appearance in several of these polls as they finish 4th overall in the GJB Pac-12 Football Poll.

    And then, unanimously, Colorado comes in last.

    In the North, the constant is that both Oregon and Stanford are being chosen to finish #1 or #2. The real struggle was trying to pick #3-#6. The overall consensus is that Cal will improve and would overcome Washington, with several of us not certain about the fate of the Huskies.

    At the bottom, it seems Washington State and Oregon State will once again occupy these spots.

    Reader Poll

    It is now time you, our readers, to decide what the Pac-12 Football standings will look like! Who do you think will be tops in the North and South Divisions? Readers can choose up to 6 teams in each poll, but is not necessary. So what are you waiting for, choose now!

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