UCLA Football at USC Chosen As One Of The Top 10 Games the College Football Playoff Committee Will Watch Closely


ESPN has chosen the Crosstown Showdown between the USC and UCLA Football teams as one of the ten games the College Football Playoff committee will have a close eye on in 2015.

Oh, the battles that will be fought this year in college football! I am already getting chills knowing that it all begins in just over a week, especially for UCLA Football.

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Next week is just the start of what should be an epic 2015 season.  There will be hundreds of games and many of those should be classics in the making.

UCLA Bruins
UCLA Bruins /

UCLA Bruins

With that, ESPN released a list of the top 10 games the College Football Playoff committee will be closely looking at for the upcoming season and one of those is the Crosstown Showdown between USC and UCLA football.

I just got goosebumps. How about you?

There is no doubt the UCLA/USC game will be one of the bigger match-ups this season (as far as we can foresee), but the stakes have been upped this year.

With UCLA winning the last three games in the rivalry and USC proclaiming that they are back makes this a very exciting and intriguing game for the upcoming year.

Additionally, if everything plays out as many football critics believe it will, UCLA at USC could be a game that determines the winner of the Pac-12 South Division. So yes, there is a lot riding on this game.

For a perspective on how big this game is, let us look at the other games the committee will being paying close attention to:

-Auburn vs. Louisville, Sept.5

-Oregon at Michigan State, Sept. 12

-Notre Dame at Clemson, Oct. 3

-Alabama at Georgia, Oct. 3

-USC at Notre Dame, Oct. 17

-Florida State at Clemson, Nov. 7

-Michigan State at Ohio State, Nov. 21

-Baylor at TCU, Nov. 27

-Alabama at Auburn, Nov. 28

Are you excited yet?

Go College Football! Go Bruins!

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