Predicting The Pac-12 Football Standings

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Dec 5, 2014; Santa Clara, CA, USA; The Oregon Ducks players celebrate after their Pac-12 Championship game against the Arizona Wildcats at Levi

With the 2015 Pac-12 Football season about to begin, Go Joe Bruin takes a deep look into the schedules of all 12 teams and predicts the final conference standings.

I, Mike W.R., have thoroughly looked at the upcoming regular season schedules of the Pac-12 football teams and what I have seen will make your head spin. With seven teams all potentially having a chance to win their division and possibly the conference, knowing what is coming up in 2015 has me very excited for this season of Pac-12 Football.

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How could you not be? From Week 1, there will be fireworks as the Pac-12 squares off against some of the top teams in the country (or will at the very least will have epic battles).

There is Utah hosting Michigan on the first day of football, Arizona State taking on Texas A&M, Cal against Texas, Oregon at Michigan State and Notre Dame taking on both USC and Stanford later in the season… and those are just the non-conference games. The conference season itself is even more insane!

For a visual reference, one of my favorite college football schedule sites,, has the week-by-week list of every Pac-12 Football team for all 13 regular season weeks. I suggest you check them out and print out your own copy.

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