UCLA Twitter Treat: USC Coach Steve Sarkisian Gets Drunk, Rips Pac-12 Rivals


USC Coach Steve Sarkisian entertained UCLA fans on twitter late Saturday night when multiple tweets describing Sark as drunk and obnoxious starting flying across timelines.

USC Coach Steve Sarkisian has officially continued a hot streak of annual embarassments for the Trojan Football program. Late Saturday night, Los Angeles twitter feeds exploded with reports of an intoxicated Sarkisian at a team event:

Some of the tweets were deleted quickly, but here are a couple more from my timeline (Click pics):

Sounds like Sark had a good night heading into the 2015 season. A coach getting a little loose with it at a team event is hardly something to get too excited about, but this is just the latest in a string of giggle inducing incidents for Troy in recent years. Remember these magic moments:

  • 2012- Kiffin gets caught in a lie over his vote in the coaches poll – he claimed he did not vote the Trojans #1, but he did.
  • 2012- in separate games Kiffin is involved in a ball deflating scandal and a jersey switching scandal (Kiff was truly ahead of his time).
  • 2013- Kiffin is retained after the epic fail in 2012, but then fired on an airport tarmac by AD Pat Haden after a blowout loss to ASU.
  • 2014- USC Captain Josh Shaw is caught in a lie about saving drowning children after injuring both ankles whilst fleeing police from his girlfriends apartment.
  • 2014- Against Stanford, Sarkisian either asks Pat Haden to the sideline or Haden charges down on his own in a fit of rage to rail against the officials for unfair calls. The Trojans win the game, but have to live down the tirade over the following weeks.
  • 2015 – Sarkisian allegedly gets hammered on a Saturday night and embarrasses himself at a team rally.

None of these events on their own are really any huge deal,  but I want to personally thank the Trojans for providing so much entertainment over the last few years. They just can’t seem to stay out of their own way.

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These incidents aren’t program crippling like in the late 90’s when UCLA Football was hit with a criminal parking scandal, RB DeShaun Foster got suspended for an NCAA violation, QB JP Loseman abandoned the Bruins and then QB Cory Paus got a DUI. That started a downward spiral for the Bruins that lasted until Jim Mora was hired (and lets not even mention how Red Sanders died in the 50’s). However, it does seem as if the Trojans are constantly embroiled in one PR nightmare after another, and this might just be the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Sarkisian. According to some Washington fans, Coach Sark allegedly knows how to party: 

"Sark’s Party Bus – According to sources, Sark and several of his coaches rolled into the US Army All-America game in a bus and were noticeably intoxicated. This turned off a few potential recruits and word of this did leak on some other sites. This event is rumored to be the catalyst for the “idiot recruits” tirade by a certain frequenter of Starbucks with a craving for high potassium foods."

To be fair, UCLA has been a little bit of a circus this summer as well. Mora and his staff have had to deal with “when rappers attack”, sons of rappers quitting and most recently have had to self-impose sanctions for the Adrian Klemm situation. It just seems like Mora and his staff have been slightly better at handling the adversity and mitigating the embarrassment then the staff across town (at least up until now Mora and AD Dan Guerrero have refrained from dropping a Mike Garret like “They wish they all were Bruins.” quote). To be sure, after the summer of 2015, game-day can’t come soon enough for either squad.

Finally, in full disclosure, I can’t say that I haven’t followed Sarks lead and had a drink or two tonight:

However, unlike Sarkisian, I have the dignity to get drunk at home, alone in the dark, like a real man.

Go Bruins

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