Adidas Reveals the New UCLA Football Uniform


After several days of anticipation, the new UCLA Football uniforms were revealed by Adidas Football US which will be used as the Bruin’s home uniform.

Since this past Sunday, Adidas began their countdown for what was assumed as the unveiling of a new Bruin alternate uniform. Today we see that it is actually the unveiling of the revamped home uniforms which has some interesting features.

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The base pattern for the Techfit is two shades of blue, similar to last year. The print is a familiar design (the shoulder stripe in particular) as it was used on the recent UCLA alternate jerseys, “L.A. Steel“.

The uniform also heavily utilizes a gold trim which accents the shiny numbers, making them ‘pop’ off the uniform. The numbers themselves are a different font as Adidas has gone away from the traditional Clarendon that was brought back last year.

Though this is a very modern and flashy jersey, it seems to go away from the traditional UCLA Football uniform. One of the points raised in recent years is the shrinking of the “UCLA Stripe“. What has traditionally wrapped around the shoulder on the jersey, has basically turned into a big patch on top of the shoulder.

With this being the unveiling of the regular home jerseys, we will be seeing the unveiling of this season’s alternative uniforms later in the year.