Is Adidas Teasing New Alternate Uniforms For UCLA Football?


There have been two peculiar tweets sent out by UCLA football and Adidas football US today. They are both very interesting and very intriguing. Both have the Adidas logo, the UCLA logo and the date “7.9.15” on them. Both are in stencil as one picture has a “4” with palm trees in the image while the other has the “UCLA” script with both palm trees and the Downtown LA skyline in the back.

Could this be a preview to the next alternate uniforms for UCLA football?

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What is even more interesting are the tag lines used for both tweets:

“From the beach to the Rose Bowl, it’s a city of Bruins.”

“Straight outta L.A. Straight into the end zone.”

The messages are cryptic enough yet promotional enough to assume that the next line of alternate unis will be unveiled this week. Part of what hints at the revealing of alts is the use of the Downtown LA skyline, which has been a center piece image in the last several years promoting UCLA’s third uniform.

Back in May, head coach Jim Mora had said on the Bruin Report Online podcast (Season 3, Episode 42) that UCLA will have a black alternate uni this season and that it will be a “great-looking uniform”. Could this be it?

Stay tuned as we keep you updated on any developments from UCLA football and Adidas Football US.