UCLA Football: The Crosstown Rivalry at Los Angeles Stadium?

With the new Los Angeles Stadium opening next year, would it be ideal for USC and UCLA football to move the Crosstown Showdown to the neutral site every year or keep it as a home-and-home series?

Last week, I asked UCLA football fans if they would rather have the Bruins play in the new Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park (given the opportunity and getting out of the Rose Bowl lease) or stay in Pasadena, their home for the last 37 years.

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The replies were all over the place with many fans giving cogent reasons for their selections, though the majority of UCLA fans polled would like to stay in the Arroyo Seco.

But a few readers brought up attractive alternative solutions. One of those solutions had the Bruins remaining at the Rose Bowl, but playing a neutral site game at the new stadium. It went even further when a few more suggested having the Crosstown Showdown in Inglewood every year.

Initially, I did not like the idea, simply because I an used to each school hosting the game, with UCLA at the Rose Bowl and USC at the Coliseum. It is a tradition, after all.

But the more I thought about it; I began to sway over to the argument of having a neutral site for the annual rivalry game. For those that know their history know that the previous tradition involved having both UCLA and USC playing the game in the same stadium. Before 1982, both the Bruins and Trojans occupied the Coliseum, thus automatically having the showdown just south of downtown.

With this in mind, why not once again have it in one location?

Los Angeles Stadium will primarily be the home to the Rams and Chargers, but it will also host various other events such as the World Cup, the Olympics, the Super Bowl, the College Football National Championship and whatever other significant events decided to roll through the Southland.

Since this is going to be a multipurpose facility, adding another event that will bring the city together seems like a no-brainer. But what do USC and UCLA football fans think? I went to Twitter to get some info.

Surprisingly, a lot of fans on both sides like the idea. I am not saying this will happen, but given the opportunity, this seems like something both Bruins and Trojans will support. Though it will take away the nostalgia of playing your rival in your home stadium, this could bring another element to the Crosstown Showdown.

Again, nothing has been offered or finalized, but if this was an option for both teams, it could be a very entertaining one.