What’s Bruin Show (192) – UCLA football recruiting, awards, schedules and other things

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What's Bruin Show image by Mike Regalado /

In episode 192 of the  ‘What’s Bruin Show’, we discuss where UCLA football is at with recruiting, post-season awards, and what their path will be in 2019.

In this episode, hosts Jake Merrifield and I welcome guest host Jamaal Artis back to the show to discuss all things UCLA football as they enter the off-season.

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With UCLA heading into a very important time of the year, we talked to Michael Hanna from the UCLA B Team podcast about the direction of the Bruins’ recruiting efforts.

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With no bowl to prepare for, the coaches have been hitting the recruiting trail to gain some ground with several recruits before December 19, the start of the Early Signing Period and Hanna gives us the low down on what we can expect.

Though it started slow, things are looking up as the Bruins gained two commitments this week, one that broke during the show.

Seeing as the regular season just ended, awards season has begun and the Bruins had a handful of players claim Pac-12 honors which we discussed.

The Bruins also released their set 2019 schedule which, as we talk about, could be highly beneficial to them.

We then finish off with some detailed

UCLA basketball

talk. After a disastrous trip to Las Vegas, the Bruins seem to have made changes for the bettter. Can they sustain that over the next four games against Notre Dame, Belmont, Cincinnati and Ohio State? Additionally, several Bruins have stepped up recently and if they continue to play consistently, this will help UCLA turn a corner.

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