What’s Bruins Show (171) – UCLA Football Recruiting and National Previews

What's Bruin Show image by Mike Regalado
What's Bruin Show image by Mike Regalado /

In episode 171 of the ‘What’s Bruin Show’, we take a look at UCLA football recruiting and how it has taken off in the last two weeks. We also take a gander at a few national previews of the Bruins.

In this latest episode, hosts Bill Shirley, Jake Merrifield and I welcome UCLA B Team host Michael Hanna to the show as we dive deep into UCLA Football‘s recruiting efforts, as well as take a look at the perspective of the Bruins from the national media.

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We start off with Go Joe Bruin headlines as we talk about a few notable stories that have been floating around UCLA, such as Rachel Garcia and Peng Peng Lee becoming Honda Award winners, UCLA basketball legend Ann Meyers Drysdale being inducted into the SCSB Hall of Fame and in light of the recent NBA Draft, we look at 3 Bruins that could get selected in the 2019 draft.

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We then get into some heavy recruiting talk as Hanna discusses with us how UCLA football’s recruiting efforts have taken off in the last few weeks. In mid June, UCLA did not have a single player committed to the 2019 recruiting class. Today, they have four as QB Chase Griffin, TE Michael Martinez, CB Sharmar Martin and OL Beau Taylor have all given their pledge to the Bruins.

We discuss the recruiting process, what each brings to the table and what else we could expect for recruiting in the near future.

With this being the off-season, there have been a lot of predictions about UCLA from the national media and it all varies. We take a look at a few (SB Nation, Athlon, Phil Steele) and try to determine if these are fair assessments of the team in 2018 or if the national media is out of the loop.

The four of us finish our discussion about UCLA football as we examine another Go Joe Bruin article, The Best Player at Every Position During the Jim Mora Era.

We finally end things with some quick UCLA basketball talk, specifically surrounding the NBA Draft as we look at Aaron Holiday and Thomas Welsh’s jump to the pros.

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