UCLA Football vs. Memphis: Go Joe Bruin predicts the game

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It is the third game of the season and the first road game for the UCLA Football team so the writers of Go Joe Bruin have once again come together to give their takes on the Bruins’ battle with the Memphis Tigers.

The electrifying offense of the UCLA Football team will be on full display in Week 3 as the Bruins prepare for their first road contest of 2017.

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How does UCLA match up with Memphis? Who is expected to break out?

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Keir Chapman, UCLA 45 – Memphis 31

When Josh Rosen has time in the pocket, which he should on Saturday, he makes magic happen. He may have trouble finding his targets at times with the variety of pass defenders Memphis has, but Rosen will ultimately have success against this secondary. The backfield of Riley Ferguson, Patrick Taylor Jr., and Darrell Henderson will cause problems for UCLA’s defense, and all signs point to a good old-fashioned shootout. Fortunately, UCLA has the best gunslinger in the country in Rosen.

Michael Chavez, UCLA 45 – Memphis 35

The game quickly turns into a shootout with both teams reeling from injuries and inexperience on defense. The Tigers are more capable in the run department but Riley Ferguson is an experienced QB who can take shots downfield as well. What hurts the Tigers are the injuries at WR and, interestingly enough, not enough chemistry on the outside since they’ve only played one game in 2017.

The Bruins have solid corner depth and so despite having the ability to really throw it around, the UCLA secondary clamps down a little forcing the Tigers into a run first offense which doesn’t really bother them until it becomes clear UCLA is an explosive offense and Memphis ends up having to throw the ball to keep pace. UCLA forces some turnovers and wins this one on the road to go 3-0 and confirm my piece about them being undefeated before starting conference play.

Nathan Eberhardt, UCLA 45 – Memphis 35

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Football-wise, expect a shootout with two injury-thinned defenses, a strong Memphis rushing attack going against the nation’s 116th ranked rush defense, and the Josh Rosen redemption tour. UCLA has the talent edge, and that should bear out, with coaching concerns appearing to have stabilized for the time being.

What concerns me more are the peripherals: first road game, 9am PDT kickoff, 90 degrees and 80% humidity, riding high, looking ahead to Stanford the week following, and against a coach that knows UCLA well and has schemed against the Bruins with success.

The coaches will have a tough task in bringing the focus and intensity needed from the first play through to the end. The Bruins should win, but a loss doesn’t surprise me.

Andrew Goodman, UCLA 42 – Memphis 21

Rosen continues his success through the air and will find stud WR Theo Howard for 2 scores. The Bruins D will struggle being without a few starters, but the offense will certainly hold its own. With this being the Bruins first road game, it wouldn’t surprise me to find UCLA in an early hole. That being said, Rosen carries the team to victory, again.

Michael Hanna, Memphis 35 – UCLA 31

In a game that seems destined to be a shootout (which will probably result in a defensive battle, in a sort of reverse-Utah 2016 game), I think the time, location, and weather of the game will be factors that tip the game in favor of a Memphis team that will likely to be able to keep the UCLA defense on its heels with a balanced attack and thus control time of possession and field possession. Despite Josh Rosen‘s best efforts, there just seems to be too much working against UCLA coming into this game to see a Bruin victory in the making, despite the Bruins being the more talented team on paper.

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Muna Osisioma, UCLA 49 – Memphis 30


There are lots of things to be nervous about when it comes to this game. The early start time, the injuries to key returning players on defense, the talent that Memphis has on offense, the game against Stanford looming next week, and the familiarity that their coach has with UCLA. The one thing that I am not concerned about is the play of Josh Rosen. Rosen vs Memphis’ secondary is a mismatch and I expect this game to bear that out.

Memphis ran the ball a ton in their first game but they are also can sling the ball. Their quarterback Riley Ferguson threw for over 3,500 yards last year and top receiver Anthony Miller caught 94 balls for 1,434 yards. They also have other explosive athletes at wideout and running back. UCLA must outscheme and outtalent them or it is going to be a long morning. Hopefully, the Bruins can start fast and put this one away early.

David Rosenthal, UCLA 49 – Memphis 28

This game feels a bit like last week’s Hawaii game. Memphis doesn’t throw too much but possess two running backs (Patrick Taylor Jr.and Darrell Henderson) who could give the Bruins problems. This could be especially true with the injuries to the Bruins’ defense. If their first game is any indication, Memphis will run the ball about 60% of the time. When the Tigers do decide to pass, it will be short dumps or quick outs.

On offense, the Bruins should control the line with their size. On average, the Bruins’ O-Line outweigh the Tigers’ D-Line by about 50 lbs. This should give Josh Rosen a little more time in the pocket to pick out his receivers. The line should also open up some holes for the Bruins’ running backs. With success both running and passing the ball, UCLA will keep Memphis’ defense guessing all day.

Mike Regalado, UCLA 45 – Memphis 35

This will more than likely be an offensive game. Both defenses have some things to work on, but in the end, UCLA has a little bit more in the tank on the defensive side to slow the Memphis offense, giving Josh Rosen just enough time to work his magic.

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Rosen will continue to thrive and will once again get 400+ yards through the air with four more touchdowns to add to his 2017 collection. WRs Caleb Wilson, Theo Howard and Darren Andrews will once again be the big targets with each getting close to 100 yards receiving. As for the RBs, expect Nate Starks and Bolu Olorunfunmi to lead a committee that will gain 200 yards in the ground.