UCLA Football vs Hawaii: Go Joe Bruin predicts the game


It is once again time for the writers of Go Joe Bruin to get together and predict the second game of the seasons for the UCLA Football team as they take on the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors.

Have you come down from the UCLA Football team’s epic comeback victory over Texas A&M? Well you better do it soon as it is time to shift focus to the Hawaii Rainbow Warriors.

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Here is what the GJB writers are saying could happen this Saturday at the Rose Bowl:

Keir Chapman, UCLA 27 – Hawaii 17

Hawaii’s defensive line has recorded nine sacks and 21 tackles for a loss in two games, and will definitely be able to give UCLA’s o-line some trouble. The Bruins’ defensive line should be able to slow down running backs Diocerny Saint Juste and Ryan Tuiasoa, but I expect that duo to score at least once. UCLA’s defense will be able to feast on the Warriors’ weak passing game, whereas, Josh Rosen will be able to pick apart Hawaii’s secondary.

Michael Chavez, UCLA 35 – Hawaii 14


The Bruins come out and try and do some of the things they wanted to do originally against the Aggies. While we see sprinkles of the offense we saw at the end of the A&M, there will be a bigger emphasis on the run and QB Josh Rosen will throw for around 300 yards. It will be interesting to see if LB Lokeni Toailoa gets the start if they begin the game in the 4-3 especially because the strength of the Hawaii team is on the ground or if they believe they can have defensive success in the nickel. Bruins move the ball consistently and effectively and we see plenty of guys like WRs Theo Howard, Audie Omotosho, Demetric Felton and RB Brandon Stephens in the backfield.

Nathan Eberhardt, UCLA 34 – Hawaii 17

Whether to avoid giving Memphis and Stanford useful tape or because Hawaii is an easy enough opponent to practice the power-run man-ball offense and nickel-base defense against, UCLA comes out with a gameplan similar to how they started the A&M game. This time, the talent balance is enough in their favor that there’s no need to get creative and make the dynamic adjustments that worked so well against A&M. The Bruins grind out a win that is neither concerning nor impressive.

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David Goldman, UCLA 35 – Hawaii 20

UCLA will suffer a small hangover from the pandemonium last weekend early in the game and Hawaii will be able to run early but UCLA will figure it out and pull away later in the game, but it will still be a concern going to Memphis. Offense will get the run going a little better and Rosen will play well but it won’t be as convincing as many would hope.

Andrew Goodman, UCLA 31 – Hawaii 14

Rosen carves up the Hawaii defense throughout the day and I’m calling a RB Bolu Olorunfunmi breakout performance! UCLA’s defense will hold its own and force a few turnovers

Michael Hanna, UCLA 33 – Hawaii 20

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UCLA stubbornly sticks to its first half tactics from the Texas A&M game and gives up an early lead to Hawai’i, which relies on star running back Diocemy Saint Juste to devastating effect, but isn’t trampled over by a Warriors team that’s obviously far less talented than the Aggies squad that visited Pasadena last Sunday. Eventually, the Bruins get their act together and out-athlete Hawai’i on the way to a win, but it isn’t the cakewalk that a 23-point spread should usually forecast and we see worrying signs that this staff remains intent on being its own worst enemy and misusing the ample talents available to them.

Muna Osisioma, UCLA 35 – Hawaii 14

UCLA will expect to be able to run the ball but will struggle again. This time, they will unleash Josh Rosen earlier and with better pass protection, he will have a good game. I am looking to see how UCLA’s defense does against the run. If they can shut it down, then it will be a long evening for the Rainbow Warriors

Mike Regalado, UCLA 35 – Hawaii 13

Hawaii is not exactly a cupcake but they are not exactly a Power 5 team either. The Bruins will struggle early, but eventually find a rhythm midway through the game. Hawaii is able to get yards against a still improving run defense, but eventually gets shut down. And once again, Rosen throws for over 400 yards.

David Rosenthal, UCLA 42 – Hawaii 17

The Bruins keep their momentum from last week’s victory over A&M. UCLA should try to establish a running game early against a Hawaii team that gave up 212 yards on the ground to FCS Western Carolina last week. Bruins should gain over 100 rushing yards and could even see a single back approach the century mark.

Josh Rosen should have success against a Rainbow Warriors’ defense that also gave up 270 yards in the air last week. It will be interesting to see if Rosen continues to target TE Caleb Wilson and WR Darren Andrews or if he spreads the wealth some more.

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On defense, the Bruins should target Hawaii RB Diocemy Saint Juste, a solid back who ran for 1006 yards last year and 202 yards last week. Against Western Carolina, Hawaii threw the ball only 24 times for 154 yards so look for the Rainbow Warriors to feed Saint Juste. If the Bruins’ DL and LBs can clog the box, they should take away the run and force Hawaii to throw the ball.