UCLA Football: Did Under Armour give UCLA’s branding to a Japanese team?


It has come to my attention on the Twittersphere that Under Armour’s new UCLA Football uniform style and branding might have been given to a Japanese university.

The UCLA Athletics program recently started a massive 15-year, $280 million deal with Under Armour after their long-standing relationship with Adidas recently ended. It was going to be a new era for the Bruins. With rebranding taking over the department, things were going to look a little different.

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Aside from changes to logos and color schemes, fans were really eager to view the new UCLA Football uniforms, which were unveiled July 15.

There were a few minor changes and Under Armour specific tweaks, but overall it kept the essence of the the traditional UCLA Football uniform. Unfortunately, it seems that this style, is not exclusive to UCLA.

Whilst browsing through twitter, I came upon an interesting tweet:

Without going into the fine details, the University of Tokyo’s new uniforms (and branding) look quite similar to UCLA’s. From the colors to the stripes to the logo to the number font to the background of the advertisement, it all looks very similar.

The new rebranded logos are similar in script, indeed. And then this blew my mind:

Maybe it is just me, but Tokyo Blue and Icho Gold look very similar in hue to Powderkeg Blue and Westwood Gold, the latter being the new colors of Under Armour’s UCLA scheme.

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UCLA Athletic Director Dan Guerrero released this statement via UCLABruins.com when Under Armour officially took over,  “As we look toward the future, Under Armour’s philosophy of innovation, its cutting-edge technology and its commitment to storytelling make it the perfect partner for UCLA. Together, we will go beyond great.” Apparently “beyond” means across the Pacific.

Under Armour’s  Senior Vice President of Global Sports Marketing, Ryan Kuehl, was quoted saying the following in the same release, “UCLA’s storied athletic success and commitment to innovation will be amplified through our collaborative partnership over the next 15 years as we unite the athletic department, campus community and Bruins fans in California and all over the world.”

All over the world is correct.

Apparently what UA had in mind for UCLA, is also what they had in mind for the University of Tokyo, which also has an apparel deal wth Under Armour. Interesting and a little shocking to say the least.

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Should UCLA fans be flattered that Tokyo now has a similar style or should they be concerned that the branding and styles of the largest apparel deal in NCAA history is being copied from UCLA and given away? Hopefully there is a bit more behind this and a proper reason for the similarities. Hopefully.