Texas A&M vs UCLA Football: Did you know there is an ‘Aggie Song’?

HOUSTON, TX - DECEMBER 28: Trevor Knight
HOUSTON, TX - DECEMBER 28: Trevor Knight /

The Texas A&M and UCLA Football teams will be showing some fancy footwork in their season opener this weekend. But did you know that Texas A&M displayed some fancy footwork in a musical with ‘The Aggie Song’?

The UCLA Football team starts their 2017 season this Sunday. That is when they will be welcoming the Texas A&M Aggies to the Rose Bowl for the second part of their home-and-home series.

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Like many fantastic season openers occurring this weekend, this game should be a fight, but don’t let that aggression fool you when it comes to Texas A&M Football. It has been well documented that the Aggies are all about, um, love.

Proof of that comes from a particular song that puts all of that into perspective: ‘The Aggie Song’.

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This song, plus many others, comprise the fabulous soundtrack to one of the most beloved southern musicals of all time, the 1982 sensation ‘The Best Little Whorehouse In Texas’ starring Dolly Parton and Burt Reynolds (which is an adaptation from the 1978 Broadway musical).

Surprised? It gets better.

In this one particular scene, the Texas A&M Football team enter their locker room coming off a big victory. So what do the “Aggie boys” do to celebrate a win? They go to the best little whorehouse in Texas, the “Chicken Ranch” run by Miss Mona (Dolly Parton).

In this scene, the football players are so elated to be visiting this fine mid-Texas establishment that they not only break out in song, but also choreographed dance.

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Oh how wonderful it must have been to live in an era where wins are rewarded with, um, fun. Personally though, I think the best part to all of this is the lyric, “22 miles to the Chicken Ranch, where history and Aggie boys get laaaaaaaaaaid!” ENJOY THE GAME EVERYBODY!!!