UCLA Football: A Way-Too-Early Look at the 2017 Schedule


Go Joe Bruin takes a quick look at the UCLA Football team’s 2017 schedule, and it doesnt look promising.

Something is going to happen with the UCLA Football team in 2017… what it is, is unclear.

The fact that we do not know is a bit disconcerting and does not help to bring hope to the Bruin faithful. After last season’s 4-8 record and their silence (so far) in this off-season, it does not instill a lot of hope that things will change.

With that, we will take a quick look at what could happen with UCLA in 2017.

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Here are the way-too-early predictions for UCLA in 2017. The non-conference schedule is set, but the Pac-12 schedule should be as follows without the dates, as that will be finalized at a later time. The Pac-12 team are in alphabetical order, not schedule order.

Non-Conference: Vs Texas A&M – Loss, Vs Hawaii – Win, At Memphis – Win

Pac-12 Conference: At Arizona – Win, Vs Arizona State – Win, Vs Cal – Win, Vs Colorado – Loss, At Oregon – Loss, At Stanford – Loss, At USC – Loss, At Utah – Loss, Vs Washington – Loss

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Just as you probably expected, things might look a little grim next season. In the non-conference part of the schedule, UCLA could go 2-1. The Bruins could lose to Texas A&M in their first game of the season, but could likely bounce back in their next two. And yes, it is possible to beat Memphis on the road.

Now when we get into Pac-12 play, that is where it gets a little depressing. It is possible the UCLA Football team will only win three games, against Arizona, ASU and Cal.

UCLA picks up an underachieving Oregon team, and though they could technically beat Oregon, that will be too tough of a task in Eugene.

UCLA also picks up Washington and even though they should play at the Rose Bowl, the Bruins will not do anything against a College Football Playoff team.

As for the rest of the schedule, it is very likely UCLA has losses against Colorado, Stanford, USC and Utah.

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So unless Head Coach Jim Mora has a huge 2017 recruiting class and hires a big time offensive coordinator that can turn this team around, it looks as though UCLA could go 5-7  next season. At least there is basketball.