UCLA Football and the Amoeba Offense

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The Use of Power Is Nothing New

It is definitely a risk to go in a direction like this, but if the “Amoeba Offense” works, it could help UCLA’s offense really take off. If anything, it will keep the Bruin’s opponents on their toes.

Though this new offense will help the Bruins expand their horizons, it is nothing new. We have seen what power can do for the UCLA football team in recent years and they have been very successful with it.

Remember the 2013 UCLA Football game at Arizona? The Bruins were down to the bare minimum with running backs as several were out of this game due to injuries. Then someone that you usually see on the field with the defense, was on the field with the offense in a particularly awkward looking formation (awkward in the fact that Bruin fans have not seen it before this game, but would see it a lot more after).

UCLA was in a power/diamond formation with linebacker

Myles Jack

on the field and what happened next was incredible. Jack finished the game with six carries and 120 rushing yards which was highlighted by a a 66-yard touchdown run.

It has been so successful that even DT Eddie Vanderdoes has a touchdown in the UCLA’s power formation. Now that is the type of football that will keep UCLA’s opponents guessing.

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The power can and has worked for UCLA. What Polamalu wants to do with it is embed it more into the offense so UCLA can use it at a moment’s notice. If UCLA can catch teams off guard with their ever-changing “Amoeba Offense”, then we could be in for a very exciting season. Go Bruins!