UCLA Burns USC After Trojans Take Credit for a Bruin Volleyball Player


After USC Beach Volleyball tweets an awkward congratulations about a former Bruin, UCLA athletics sets them straight.

So this happen today… The USC Beach Volleyball team sent out a tweet congratulating former UCLA Bruin Lauren Fendrick on her addition to the USA Beach Volleyball Olympic team. The interesting part is that the Trojan Twitter account stated that Fendrick is “representing #USC” and added the hashtag #USC2RIO.

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The thing is, Fendrick never ever, ever, ever played for USC. More accurately she played 127 matches for UCLA.

But the comedy did not stop there. After being called out, the USC Beach Volleyball Twitter did not back down and stood firm in congratulating their Trojan (Fendwick is a USC law alumna).

That is when several Bruins and the UCLA Athletics Twitter account stepped up and put them in their place.

Here is the original tweet from USC Beach Volleyball…

And here is UCLA setting them straight…

And here is USC getting “snarky” about it..

And here is the final blow by UCLA…

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