Report: UCLA Football Head Coach Jim Mora Responsible For New Uniforms


Bruin Report Online reports that the head of the UCLA Football program,  Jim Mora, was responsible for the change back to traditional jerseys.

Not that you needed another reason to love Jim Mora, but now he has taken matters into his own hands and fixed the UCLA Football uniforms.

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8 claps all around for you, Coach!

It was reported yesterday from Bruin Report Online that Mora was the key factor in the change back to traditional jerseys and pants. In the last few years, UCLA had what resembled their uniform, but little things have taken away from what made the jerseys traditional.

With Adidas trying to raise the bar for UCLA’s uniforms in recent years, they seemed to have only raised Bruin fan’s frustration, especially with the shoulder stripes, which were anything but.

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Tracey Pierson of Bruin Report Online stated, “According to sources, Head Coach Jim Mora made a considerable personal effort to get these changes done, to both satisfy his players and the fans. He engaged an independent manufacturer to design the jersey to make both the functional and aesthetic changes.”

Some of those aesthetic changes have to do with the way the uniform is cut. Depending on the preference of the player, one could choose to have more flexibility in the arm or torso.

As for the design of the jersey, it is definitely a return to tradition. Not only have they fixed the shoulder stripe issue, but the numbers will return to the side of the shoulder and the off-color mustard pants from the last few seasons are now more of a gold color, as it should be.

On top of that, there are no extra patterns on the jersey. The cheetah print and the tired tread stripes are gone. Now, UCLA Football has a solid blue base with full solid stripes.

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Pierson added, “From the standpoint of how the uniform looks, Mora took it upon himself to institute changes he knows the fans have wanted for a while. ” Thank you, coach!