Alcohol Should Be Sold at UCLA Football Games


There is a growing trend of colleges selling alcohol during football games as a way to increase revenue and attendance. Will UCLA follow suit?

Ohio State University announced last week that beer will be available for stadium-wide purchase during home games this upcoming season. This move comes after the school introduced a pilot program last year, which allowed attendees to purchase alcohol in the suite and the club levels of the Buckeyes’ stadium.

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OSU expects to raise sufficient revenue from beer sales to fund two new full-time positions in the OSU Police Department ($300,000) and a study on alcohol consumption and prevention ($50,000), with the leftover revenue headed to the general budget of the athletic department.

If you are thinking that this newly found revenue by OSU seems hefty, you are correct. Shane Lyons, West Virginia’s athletic director, told the New York Times that the school makes “approximately $500,000 a year just in beer.”

In addition to these schools, Saturday Down South reported last year that 33 other schools were selling alcohol during football games.

Rose Bowl
Rose Bowl /

As of yet, the Rose Bowl does not sell alcohol stadium-wide. Rather, like the pilot program at OSU, UCLA fans can only purchase alcohol at the Rose Bowl if they are part of the Blue Moon Club. The season-long membership for this club is $300 per person!

In case you are curious, you can get a General Admission season ticket for just $249. The Blue Moon Club membership does not even include drinks or food, you need to purchase those separately.

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UCLA has continued to find creative ways to increase revenue for the football program. For example, UCLA started the UCLA Scholarship Seating Program which requires a “voluntary” annual donation from certain season ticket holders.

Given the growing trend of schools selling alcohol and the continuous need for UCLA to raise revenue, selling alcohol stadium-wide seems like a good start. Plus, the school will actually allow fans who cannot afford the Blue Moon Club membership to get a cold one as they watch this team get to the National Championship.

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Let’s face it, this move would be a win-win for everyone.