UCLA Football Players and Commits Weigh In On Which Apparel Deal They Want


Several UCLA Football players and commits took to Twitter to voice their opinion on the what sports apparel company they would like to see partner up with UCLA.

UCLA is in the middle of a three company tug-of-war to decide who will be the next apparel provider for the Bruins.

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Currently, talks with Adidas, Nike and Under Armour are ongoing, and that has prompted several UCLA Football players and commits to voice their opinion on the brand they would like to wearing going forward.

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Adidas has been the apparel of choice for UCLA since 1999, but their contract is up this year and UCLA is listening to offers from Adidas as well as new suitors Nike and Under Armour.

As of now, according to Bruin Report Online, Under Armour seems to have a slight edge and is willing to offer UCLA $20.8 million per year. Adidas has a slightly less offer at $20 million.

Which ever offer is accepted, it would be the largest apparel deal in the country. This does not even include an offer from Nike who could give UCLA something similar, especially if they want to monopolize the LA area with USC being a Nike school.

As for the players showing their allegiances, here are a few in favor of Adidas:

And here are a few in favor of Nike:

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Now, just because we have not found a player in favor of Under Armour, does not mean it doesn’t exist, but really, there does not seem to be that much support for that company, at least on the West Coast. If UA lands this deal, that could change as UCLA would be their west coast flagship program.