UCLA Football: Another Week Down And No Change In the Pac-12 South


Nothing changed this weekend in regards to clearing up the Pac-12 South race as the UCLA Football team kept their hopes alive with a 41-0 shutout win over Oregon State. But also, Utah and USC’s victories keeps them in the picture as well.

The good thing is that the UCLA Football team still controls their own destiny. The bad thing is that so does Utah and USC is still in the hunt behind the Bruins as all three teams won on Saturday.

It seems the only certainty in the Pac-12 South race is that the Arizona schools are now out of the picture. That also goes for Colorado, but that was the case before the season started. With Utah beating Washington and USC getting a victory over Arizona on Saturday, we are no closer to a South winner.

Let us take a look at the standings as of Sunday, November 8 and the remaining schedules for the Top 3 teams to see exactly where the Pac-12 South is at this moment:

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Remaining Games:

Utah: at Arizona, vs UCLA, at Colorado

UCLA: vs Washington State, at Utah, at USC

USC: at Colorado, at Oregon, vs UCLA

As stated above, UCLA and Utah are still in control of their own destiny and if either wins out, they win the South. If UCLA beats Utah and then USC beats UCLA, the Trojans win the South.

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The Utes next two games are going to be very important, seeing as those will be the best chances for Utah to lose, because they will not fall to Colorado.

For UCLA, before the season, the Utah and USC games looked to be the only trouble in the Bruin’s last three games, but Washington State has really stepped it up and is now tied for second place in the Pac-12 North with Oregon (which Wazzu beat and holds the tie-breaker). For the Bruins, they now have three games that will be challenges to end the season.

USC should have no problem at Colorado but then they have a treacherous final two games of their own against Oregon and UCLA. Oregon may be down this year but they are not out which makes the game up in Eugene a very intriguing one. And then there is the Crosstown Showdown at the Coliseum to end the regular season, which could be a game that decides the Pac-12 South. Talk about a dramatic end to an epic season.

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Stanford is well in control of the Pac-12 North and can clinch the division next week so the Pac-12 Championship Game will have one participant very soon.

That will not happen for the South, the toughest division in college football. It will be a battle to the finish and all three teams, Utah, UCLA and USC, will be fighting tooth and nail to get into the Pac-12 Championship Game. So strap in Pac-12 football fans! We might have had 10 amazing weeks of great west coast football already, but things are just starting to get good.

Go Bruins!