What’s Bruin Show – Episode 79 – UCLA, Who Are You?


In Episode 79 of the What’s Bruin Show we take a long, hard look at the UCLA Football team and try to pinpoint their identity, if they even have one.

In this latest episode, hosts

Bill Shirley


Jake Merrifield

and I welcome back one of our esteemed guest hosts,


. We might have taken way too much time on this, but we all had something to get off of our chests about the

UCLA Football

‘s latest game over the

Colorado Buffaloes


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Though it was a win, there were several issues we needed to focus on in this game. With Colorado being one of the worst teams in the Pac-12, we break down how this could have happened to a Top 25 team like the Bruins.

But it is not all bad. We talk about what is working and how that will help the Bruins going into their battle with the Oregon State Beavers.

Later in the show, we talk a little basketball as I give my views on the production of both the UCLA Men’s Basketball team and the UCLA Women’s Basketball team in their respective exhibition games.

All of this and more in Episode 79 of the podcast you all know and love, the What’s Bruin Show. Also available at Podomatic.comiTunes and Stitcher! We are now available on every platform including Android and Apple, so come get some!