Thanks Arizona State! Now UCLA Football Controls Their Own Destiny


The Oregon Ducks stay alive in the Pac-12 as they beat Arizona State 61-55 in 3OT. That’s all good, but what is even better is the fact that UCLA Football now controls their own destiny because of it.

Thanks, Arizona State. Or should we say, “Thanks, Oregon“? With the Sun Devils losing this defenseless battle, that gives them one more loss than UCLA, whom the Sun Devils defeated a few weeks ago.

At this point, UCLA Football avoids a potential tie with ASU at the end of the season, and now control their own destiny.

That is right Ladies and Gentlemen, the Bruins are the only ones that can derail their season at this point. Who knew UCLA would get back to this situation after a head-scratching loss to ASU and a brutal beat down by Stanford? So it goes in the Pac-12.

So what does “UCLA controls their own destiny” mean? At this point, if the Bruins run the table and manage to win the rest of their regular season games, they will win the South Division and head to the Pac-12 Championship Game. Simple. Sort of.

This weekend starts a stretch of three games that are definitely lighter in regards to the competition the Bruins face. But then there is that dreaded two-game road trip to end the season. Let us take a look:

UCLA Bruins
UCLA Bruins /

UCLA Bruins

Oct 31 vs Colorado

Nov 7 at Oregon State

Nov 14 vs Washington State

Nov 21 at Utah

Nov 28 at USC

Win these five games and the Bruins capture the Pac-12 South Division. The first three seem doable, though I will not call them a “gimme”. We have seen how teams beat each other up in this conference and even the teams at the bottom of the standings have shown some fight. Heck, UCLA almost lost at Colorado last year, so the Bruins need to be aware of the dangers that lie ahead.

But then there are those two nasty little contests at the end of the season. At Utah and at USC. The UCLA Football team could be tied with both teams to end the season, but if they claim victories over both, the tie-breaker goes to UCLA. It is near impossible, but not unattainable.

But those games are weeks away. Right now, Head Coach Jim Mora has to have the Bruins ready for Colorado, because if they lose to the lowly Buffaloes, they can forget about ending up in a tie with Utah or USC.

Take it one game at a time and GO BRUINS!

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