UCLA Football: Is The Colorado Game a Trap?


UCLA Football just came off of a huge win against California, and now focuses their attention against cellar-dwelling Colorado, which is scary, considering how the Bruins play after big wins. Is this a trap?

What is a trap game, really? It is a game that comes out of nowhere, unexpectedly, yet has been in plain view the entire time. It is game against a supposedly lesser opponent who comes out to play a lot tougher than expected. It is a game where a “superior” team comes in thinking they will automatically win, only to get blindsided by the “lesser” team’s efforts.

Basically, it is a trap.

Yes, indeed. The Bruins are heading into the “lighter” part of their schedule, though considering the collective fight of all 12 conference teams, no game should be thought of as light.

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Sure, Colorado has been a whipping post since they joined the Pac-12 four years ago, but like every single team in the conference, they have improved, albeit slowly. That, in and of itself, is scary (and this game is on Halloween — the HORROR!!!).

Unfortunately, there is no evidence that Colorado under Head Coach Mike MacIntyre could upset, let alone, put up a fight against a top Pac-12 team, especially playing away from home. Although that nearly happened one year ago.

Last season when the Bruins went to Colorado, they had one hell of a spooky time. It took UCLA double-overtime to beat the last place Buffs 40-37 in a very sloppy game. That was definitely a trap.

Fortunately, this game is at the Rose Bowl and the last time Colorado visited the Bruins, UCLA smashed the Buffaloes 45-23. Though this is a “trap game”, I fully expect UCLA Football to have the same result as in 2013.

Who knows though? This could be a similar affair to the showing the Bruins gave in Boulder last season. Though there is fear that UCLA Football has the tendency to play down to their opponent, I look back at the UNLV game as proof that the Bruins start slow, but manage to put together a solid second half.

The ability to finish strong has been a characteristic the Bruins have been solidifying as of late and that, I think, is what will carry UCLA Football to victory this Saturday.

Still a trap, but one the Bruin can bust out of.

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