Former UCLA Tight End Chris Clark Parts With Syracuse After One Week


Former 5-star tight end Chris Clark has parted ways with Syracuse after originally transferring from UCLA.

Things are not going so well for TE Chris Clark who is once again without a school to call home. After originally committing to North Carolina, then Michigan, and then shocking the college football world by signing with UCLA, only to transfer after one game, Clark appeared to have found a landing spot with Syracuse.

Well now that is a fading memory as it was announced today that Clark and Syracuse have parted ways.

Clark had come to UCLA over the summer with the 2015 recruiting class and had participated in fall camp, though it had a rocky start. Not only did Clark contract mononucleosis at the beginning of camp, but he also had a rude awakening from Head Coach Jim Mora.

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During one of the practices that he sat out, he appeared in street clothes and was on his cell phone. When Mora saw this he quickly approached the former five-star and gave him an earful.

Things looked up for Clark after that as he was slowly recovering from mono. He appeared to be fitting in with the Bruins during camp and even played in UCLA’s home opener against Virginia.

Unfortuantely that was all that would be written regarding Clark’s allegiance to UCLA. He transferred shortly after citing homesickness.

In the weeks since, Clark had been looking at several schools in the Midwest and on the east coast, finally finding a landing spot at Syracuse. Well that is not happening either. had stated that after what was believed to be the best fit for Clark, “both sides decided that was not the case over the last week.”

This does not look good for Clark and clearly he is running out of options. Whatever issues he has, whether with coaches or teams, he needs to figure it out quickly because moves like these do not look good for him.  Still, we hope that he can figure out whatever it is that is going on with him and can one day participate with a Division I college football program, if that ever does happen.

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