UCLA Football Dilemma – Root For USC or Utah?


UCLA Football fans… are you rooting for USC, Utah, neither or an earthquake?

Occasionally there will be decisions UCLA Football fans will not like to make, no matter how much it helps out the Bruins. Today, we have come to another one of those decisions.

Later today, the USC Trojans (3-3, 1-2) will host the #3 Utah Utes (6-0, 3-0) in a game that means a lot for several teams in the Pac-12, including your UCLA Bruins. To understand why, let us first look at the Pac-12 South Standings…

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Now, let us first look at the situation with Utah. UCLA is a game and a half back of the division-leading Utes. With them currently undefeated, Utah will have to lose at least one game before facing UCLA in the second to last game of the season. If UCLA beats Utah, the Bruins get the tie-breaker.

I know Bruin fans, this dilemma hurts. In order for the Bruins to have a better chance in the South Division, USC needs to beat Utah.

Including today, Utah’s remaining schedule is as follows: at USC, vs Oregon State, at Washington, at Arizona, vs UCLA and vs Colorado. I will just say this right now, I do not trust OSU, UW, Arizona or Colorado. which means that their best shot of losing (in my eyes) will be today against USC.


I know Bruin fans, this dilemma hurts. In order for the Bruins to have a better chance in the South Division, USC needs to beat Utah. So do you root for USC? Well you do not have to. You can just root against Utah. Or root for an earthquake to occur. Something that prevents either team from winning.

But seriously, even on social media I have seen Bruins rooting for Utah and stating that they expect one of the other teams to give them a loss.

But that is the point, I do not see that happening. Utah is quite possibly the most complete team in the conference and has a good shot at finishing undefeated. Though that will be an incredible task to achieve, right now they are in charge of their own destiny. A USC win brings that down a notch.

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It is a tough pill to swallow, I know.

But let us quickly look at at the other teams in the South. Arizona could do with a loss to Washington State today to take them out of the three-team tie for second place with UCLA and Arizona State.

Now the Sun Devils have a bye this week, so their status will remain unchanged, but they have already lost to Utah, so if they some how tie with the Utes at the end of the season, Utah gets the go-ahead. ASU would just have to lose another to avoid a tie with UCLA, which the Sun Devils hold the advantage to. Confused yet?

Oh Pac-12 football, why do you do this to me?

But this is what was expected this season. A whole lot of calamity and drama. Still, I would not have it any other way.

Still, no matter what else happens in the rest of the conference… GO BRUINS!

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