Go Joe Bruin Predicts The Game: UCLA vs Stanford


Here it is… UCLA vs Stanford. One of the games every Bruin fan had circled on their calendars. We here at Go Joe Bruin give our best predictions and hope that, for the ones that chose UCLA, are right.

Michael Hanna

UCLA Bruins
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UCLA Bruins

UCLA 13 – Stanford 35

It’s a new season, but it will be the same old story when it comes to this matchup. As always against Stanford, the Bruins will likely be dominated at the line of scrimmage and against the Cardinal especially, that’s a losing formula. Mix all that in with UCLA’s now-traditional midseason slump and not much seems to be working in UCLA’s favor heading into this game that should drop the Bruins to 4–2 on the season after things culminate in Palo Alto on Thursday night. Wrong opponent at the wrong time.

Jake Merrifield

UCLA 24 – Stanford 20

We said ASU was going to give the Bruins their best shot, so I really feel like the Bruins are going to give Stanford their best shot. The question for me is, is it going to be enough? Considering all the attrition on defense, I feel like the Bruin offense can do stuff against Stanford’s defense, but will the Bruins be able to stand up on defense? I feel like they’re going to give it their best effort, I hope it’s enough.

Nathan E.

UCLA 17 – Stanford 30

Stanford plays a much more traditional game on both sides of the ball, which plays to our strengths. But the injuries really start to show, especially against McCaffrey & the potent rush attack. The national media will blow a totally expected loss out of all proportion, which will annoy us all.

Bill Shirley (of What’s Bruin Show)

UCLA 42 – Stanford 10

I’m thinking UCLA needed this loss  to get focused. This week UCLA is the wounded dog. UCLA will   Beat the stuffing out of Stanford! This will be bigger than what you think.  I’m predicting a three touchdown win. Why?  Our offense will play a great game. Defense will play lights out.  [Kevin] Hogan is going to be overconfident.  UCLA had 10 days to get ready for this game and they will capitalize.

Matt Wagner

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UCLA 21 – Stanford 24

I really hope I am wrong about this, but so far inconsistency has been the theme of the Bruins thus far.

They surely showed that in a close loss to Arizona State, however they were dominated from the opening kickoff.

I do think UCLA will improve on that Thursday, but Stanford has always been the Bruins’ kryptonite. Add in the fact that Stanford has hit their stride after an season-opening loss to Northwestern, and UCLA might be looking at another loss.

The bye week will help, but they need to play much better this week, and hopefully they do just that.

Mike W.R.

UCLA 27-26 Stanford

I really wanted to pick UCLA, but then I could not ignore what Stanford has done to the Bruins in the last several years. But then I did not want to ignore the perseverance of the UCLA Football team. Yes, they are down with injuries and have been inconsistent, but I also think they are pissed off because of it and will go up to Stanford with something to prove.

The offensive line was embarrassed last game which is something I believe they will correct in this game. Because of it, Paul Perkins and Josh Rosen will be able to steer through the Cardinal defense while the Bruins hold off a strong Stanford offensive effort.

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