UCLA Football: Mora Media, Mora Problems


What a week it has been for UCLA Football and head coach Jim Mora. Not only has he had to endure a tough home loss, and the exit of a star player, but now he has to take on the media barrage calling him out for his recent remarks. Let it go, people!

Can we be over with this bye week already? There are so many things that the Bruins and their head coach Jim Mora would just like to get passed and move on, especially since Stanford is waiting for their match-up with the Bruins in six days up at the farm.

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Though Mora tries to tune out the media, it has not stopped the media from calling out Mora, especially about his remarks regarding Myles Jack and him leaving UCLA early. After sustaining a season-ending injury to his knee on Spetember 23 during a Bruin practice, Jack has now withdrawn from school and will enter the NFL draft.

So what did Mora say? That it is “risky”, especially since Jack has only played 2 1/4 years of college football? And apparently that is a big deal.

Bruin fans know about Mora’s fire and his love for his players, that is why we love him, but getting overly emotional about an overly emotion Mora is a bit much.

UCLA Bruins
UCLA Bruins /

UCLA Bruins

They were just words and Mora has since moved on. But then ESPN wrote about Jack’s conversation on ESPN Radio’s Mike & Mike Show, and now the media once again started getting after Mora.

Although in reality, this one should be more on Jack than Mora. The former Bruin linebacker seemed a little less than humble when talking about his time at UCLA with remarks like, “I felt like it was time, I felt like I had done enough at UCLA” and “When you see people making money off your likeness and your name …nobody else wears no. 30 at UCLA. That jersey is mine”.

We get it, Jack is big time and deserves to try for his dream in the NFL, but let us not burn some bridges on the way out. Still, even with Jack being surprised at Mora’s comments about heading to the NFL Draft, the end result is that, Mora and Myles “are cool” per Jack.

Excellent good, let us move on. Unfortunately the media will not move on. Although some can’t and just want to keep digging at Mora.

Recently an article came out from the Tallahassee Democrat entitled No need to hear anymore from Mora, that was overly critical of Mora. The author, Corey Clark, did not pull punches in breaking down Mora. He even started with, “I am not a fan of Jim Mora.” No objectivity needed here!

Seriously? It just seems that people have an ax to grind and are attacking right when UCLA football is down after a huge loss to Arizona State.

That is fine, they will write and say what they want, but for some journalist on the other side of the country to claim that we do not need to hear from Mora is nothing more than is comedy.

Here is a bomb-shell for you all… UCLA Football Head Coach Jim Mora will never be silenced. And that is the way we like.

Now we move on and Beat Stanford.

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