Thank You, Myles Jack!


Myles Jack has withdrawn from UCLA and will declare for the NFL Draft. For everything he has done, we at Go Joe Bruin say, “Thank You!”

Dear Myles Jack,

What else can I say other than the last three years have been incredible. Who knew that you would leave this kind legacy in just 2 1/4 seasons with UCLA Football. The things you do will never be repeated. An All-Conference linebacker, the Pac-12 Offensive and Defensive Player of the Year as well as receiving multiple preseason All-American selections.

That is quite an accomplishment in just over two years!

I remember the exact moment that I knew that you would be big time. It was a cold and rainy Thursday night in Salt Lake City (for you, I was back in LA warm and cozy watching UCLA slug it out with Utah)

This game was wild as you were one of five players that claimed interceptions in that game. The thing is, yours was the game-saving interception. (Skip ahead to 3:15 for Jack’s play.)

Game-saving interception. Now where have we heard that before?

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Yes indeed, it seems appropriate that your last big play is similar to your first (and a against a team from Utah too, that is weird).

But your Bruin career was more than that. How about when you shocked the world in 2013 in UCLA’s first win in Tucson since 2003? That was the night that you received the moniker “two-way” player.

On defense you collected eight tackles and recovered a fumble in the end zone in your first game at Arizona. But then you exploded all over the Arizona defense!

Remember when you ran for 120 yards on six carries which included you stiff-arming fools on your way to a 66-yard touchdown. That was awesome.

But you have also had some crushing tackles out of the 178 you made.

And let us not forget how that you tied a record for most touchdowns in a game. You are the definition of “grind season”.

Seriously, there will never be another Myles Jack, especially on the UCLA Football team.

We will definitely miss you and all that you have done for the Bruins, but we understand that heading to the NFL is something that you have wanted to do for a long time and when an opportunity like that arises, there is no other choice but to take it.

So from all of us at Go Joe Bruin, Thank you, Myles Jack!

Kick arse in the NFL! Go Bruins!

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