5 Themes for the First 5 Weeks of UCLA Football

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The Defense Has A Lot of Players That Will Be Very Good In The Future

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The term is “next man up”. There have been several men that have been expected to come up due to a rash of injuries and even though the coaching staff does their best to prepare these players, the reality is that they probably are not as prepared for the real game experience as they would like. But it is a little bigger than that for UCLA.

It is one thing for a single player to come in and try to take over for a veteran, but it’s a completely different animal when you have 4 to 5 guys doing that across one side of the ball.

Although it would be a bit much to ask them to do exactly what these veterans do, the truth is with younger guys they need time to grow their game.

UCLA has been doing a great job in recruiting and development. They do have a lot of talent but the majority of that talent has not met their potential. They will be good in time, but as for right now, it could get a little bumpy.

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