UCLA Football and the 500-Yard Game


The UCLA Football team is showing that they are a very efficient team, so much that they are averaging nearly 500 yards per game. That is very important considering who the Bruins play in their next two games.

UCLA Football is averaging 482 yards per game with true freshman Josh Rosen commanding the offense and Paul Perkins leading the rushing game. That is nearly 500 yards per game! Not including that pesky BYU contest where the Bruins still managed 402 yards of total offense, UCLA is averaging 508.7 yards of offense per game. I would say that is a pretty efficient offense.

UCLA Football’s Offensive Yards Production In 2015:

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Vs Virginia – 503 yds

Vs UNLV – 526 yds

Vs BYU – 402 yds

Vs Arizona – 497 yds

Their offensive line is excellent. Blocking is holding up. Receiving is good, especially Jordan Payton and Thomas Duarte who are occasionally making plays with some pizzazz. If anything, they are efficient.

Yes, UCLA Football is only four games into the 2015 season, but considering what the Bruins of 2014 did in their first four (they averaged 480.3 ypg), one could conclude that this team is efficient. Noel Mazzone = efficient. Most of the time.

Last season, the Bruin’s dominating performance in Tempe got them 580 yards against #15 Arizona State in a 62-27 thrashing. It seems like it might be the same again this year.

Surprisingly, in 2015, ASU will be the best team UCLA faces in Total Defense as the Sun Devils only give up 376.3 yards per game (67th in the nation). They are one spot in front of BYU, whom held the Bruins to their lowest output of yardage, as you can see from above.

Still, just by looking at ASU, I do not think their stats will protect them from what they are about to experience.

As my Go Joe Bruin colleague Jake Merrifield stated on the latest What’s Bruin Show, “[ASU plays] a boom-or-bust defense and it’s always been a boom-or-bust defense. UCLA destroyed them last year because of that boom-or-bust defense.”

Also considering how unimpressive ASU has been in all four of their games this season, I cannot believe that UCLA Football will do anything but put up 500 yards on the Sun Devils in a blow out victory. ASU may blitz like crazy, but UCLA has seen this before with BYU, so the Bruins will be prepared.

The real test will best the Thursday after next when UCLA plays at Stanford. Now that will be a game where we will see what UCLA is made of. Until then, it will be fun to see UCLA continue to put up big numbers.

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