ESPN Underestimated UCLA Football, Like Everyone Else Outside of Westwood


ESPN admits it… they underestimated the UCLA Football team and the Bruins are now getting tons of attention from the sports conglomerate.

The UCLA Football team is 4-0 overall and 1-0 in the Pac-12 Conference. They won their first four games by an average 19.8 points. They have beaten two ranked opponents. They are ranked #7 in the AP Poll themselves. The Pac-12 is changing and the Bruins are on top and suddenly everyone is taking notice, especially ESPN.

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Today, ESPN came out with an entertaining article about their overestimations and underestimations four weeks into the 2015 season.

Appropriately, they make fun of themselves as the piece is called, Flipping the Field: Oh how wrong we were about the Pac-12, Auburn, Harbaugh… where they essentially take back several things they previously believed in the preseason and focus on new emerging teams and themes.

One of those teams that was grossly underestimated was your UCLA Football team. In their article, they spoke some truth on the early perception of the Bruins:

"But while no one heading into the season believed that the Pac-12 was underestimated, it was easy to find people who wondered aloud if the Bruins would indeed be the team with the best shot of representing that conference in the playoff."

With only four games into the season, UCLA Football has done enough to impress the talking heads of the sports conglomerate which mainly had the likes of USC, Arizona and Arizona State winning the South Division.

Even Kirk Herbstreit has seen the light. Just after the Bruins defeated then #16 Arizona 56-30, the ESPN college football analyst sent out a shocking tweet.

Yes, they were wrong, but they are starting to see what Bruin fans have known since, I would say, Spring Practice. This is a great team.

The only thing I worry about is ESPN and other sports networks crowning UCLA Football Pac-12 champs or College Football Playoff participants way too soon. It is only Week 5 so bring it back a bit.

Sure they Bruins are solid, but they have also lost three starting defensemen: Eddie Vanderdoes, Fabian Moreau and Myles Jack. Plus the Bruins still has a true freshman at the helm and even though Josh Rosen has looked good in a few, he also looked really bad against BYU.

Still, if anything, it is nice to get some recognition for the Bruins from such a national sports presence. Maybe now we can get a lot more Paul Perkins coverage which is long overdue.

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