Video: The Go Joe Bruin Game Recap – UCLA Football at Arizona


In this latest edition of the the Go Joe Bruin video recap, I examine the Game That Was for UCLA Football as they dominated the Arizona Wildcats in the desert, 56-30.

Did you see it? #9 UCLA Football absolutely throttled the #16 Arizona Wildcats. Las Vegas had predicted the Bruins to be a two-point favorite in this game, but I guess they forgot to figure in the fact that Arizona has not played anyone this year while UCLA already had two tough games against stellar opponents on their schedule.

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It was an absolute thrashing which was kicked off by the fact that the Bruins had 42-14 lead at the half. It was jaw-dropping for fans of both teams, but the Bruin fans came away a bit more ecstatic from this one as UCLA eventually got the 56-30 win.

Josh Rosen was sensational in a bounce-back game where he threw for 286 yards, had 1 passing TD and 1 rushing TD. Paul Perkins had 87 yards on the ground and 17 more through the air and finished with 3 rushing TDs. Jordan Payton grabbed 136 receiving yards and 1 receiving TD.

Basically, it was a great game for all on the UCLA side, even the defense who despite giving up 353 rushing yards (yikes!) they limited Arizona to 115 passing yards. Still, with UCLA Football winning in this fashion, right now I will take the win and worry about the stats later.

I get into all of this as I recap the UCLA Football game against Arizona. Enjoy.

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