Have We Seen the Last of Myles Jack at UCLA?


With Myles Jack‘s season ending knee injury, have we seen the last of him in a UCLA uniform? We take a look at a tough decision he has to make after the season, and why it’s actually an easy choice.

Myles Jack could go down as one of UCLA football’s most athletic players. There weren’t many who could do the things he’s done so far, and there may never be a player who can cover wide receivers, sack quarterbacks, and run for touchdowns on offense, all while keeping the defense energized with his never ending fire and love for the game.

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While he will be sorely missed at UCLA this season, it looks like Bruin fans will have to learn to cope with the fact that we may have seen the last of Myles after his game sealing interception to save the day against BYU. Jack is eligible to enter the draft after this season and is going to be a highly touted prospect when his time comes to declare.

If he does end up declaring he will be completely healthy by the time the NFL combine comes around, and he could come out of the event putting up inhuman numbers. Based on his overall college performance and crazy numbers he’ll put up at the combine, it’s really only a question of where he’ll be picked in the first round.

If there are teams that are scared off by his recent injury, much like they were with Todd Gurley’s ACL tear last season, and if he somehow slips into the second round he has had a backup plan in place.

The rewards outweighs the risk in this case. Myles can enter the draft and be selected in the first round like we all think he will be, or he can enter the draft and fall into the later rounds (he won’t) and make $5 million before signing his first NFL contract, OR he can stay one more year at UCLA and compete for a national title on a stacked team.

It’s a win-win-win situation for him, but the most logical choice would be to enter next year’s NFL draft. And if we truly have seen the last of Click Clack Myles Jack, sealing the game with an interception on his final collegiate snap is the perfect way for him to be remembered.

Just in case that didn’t do it for you, take a look back at the game and the play that put him in the nation’s spotlight.

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